‘Bun B’ Does Bereavement

Rapheat.com reports that the rapper ‘Bun B’ has found the Year of Magical Thinking invaluable in dealing with the death of his bandmate, ‘Pimp C’:

Rapper Bun B turned to author Joan Didion’s emotional book about the loss of her husband to help him overcome the death of his UGK bandmate Pimp CPimp C, real name Chad Butler, died in December 2007 from an accidental overdose of codeine, combined with the medical condition sleep apnea, which he suffered from.

Bun B is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of his best pal, and admits he can relate to aspects of Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking because the friendship and professional relationship he shared with Pimp C was as deep as that between a husband and wife.

He tells King magazine, “Losing your best friend is like losing a part of yourself. I bought Joan Didion’s book about losing her husband for my mom. I read some of the excerpts, and one was (Didion) talking about how not a day goes by where there isn’t something she wants to talk about with her husband. I kind of understand that. Not to say that Pimp C was my husband, by any means, but I see cars that I knew he would have loved to drive. I hear songs that he (would’ve loved) to rap on. I hear beats he would have loved to comment on.

“(I’ve) even seen women he would’ve loved to have been with at one time or another in his life. It’s just little things that I would love to talk to him about.”


Pimp C

Pimp C

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