Dominick Dunne: Up Close and Personal

The following is a write-up of the Dominick Dunne event, which took place this past Monday evening:


Monday evening, Didion’s brother-in-law, producer, writer, and victim’s rights activist. Dominick Dunne was joined by Jason Tyrrell of IndiePix Films and co-director Kirsty de Garis at the Borders Bookstore in Columbus Circle to discuss the newly-released documentary, DOMINICK DUNNE: AFTER THE PARTY, following an exclusive sneak peek of the film.

The packed house applauded the short but candid scene, in which Dominick discussed the death of three of his children — two just after birth, and one at the hands of a murderer during her 22nd year. A Q&A session with Dominick and Kirsty went on for a solid hour, with no holds barred and no questions left unanswered. As in the film, Dominick is utterly candid in his recounting of the most amazing, unending string of stories. Telling tales that spanned from the battlefields of World War II to the early days of television and the golden age of Hollywood, through personal tragedies and his rebirth as a celebrity and crime writer, Dominick had the crowd on the edge of their seats.

More amazing than the list of personal relationships with some of the biggest stars in cinema is the unending energy of the man himself. Dominick is currently battling cancer, but continues to edit a new novel while periodically enduring chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. And after the long conversation, he still stayed until everyone who wanted an autograph had received one. Though the film is subtitled AFTER THE PARTY, the party seems to be rolling right along for Dominick!

DOMINICK DUNNE: AFTER THE PARTY is now available online, for rent at Netflix, and in Borders and other retailers across the country. 



The write-up was paraphrased by contributer Kolleen Whitley from an article on the Indie Pix blog, written by Jason Tyrrell.  The blog entry can be found here.


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